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My name is Christian Decker and I am The Marry Maker. As your wedding speaker, I will help you create a unique and individual atmosphere during your wedding ceremony. 


A few years ago, when I was planning my own wedding, I came up with the idea for The Marry Maker. My wife and I had been looking for a wedding speaker for some time but, despite the fact that there are many colleagues doing a great job, it was rather challenging to find the right person who fully met our expectations. So,  we eventually decided to design our own ceremony. Looking back, we would have preferred a wedding speaker who could have given us the freedom to enjoy ourselves more and concentrate on all the romantic moments even more, rather than focusing on the planning work itself


After hearing about similar experiences from several friends during their own wedding preparations, I was eager to meet this need and, so, The Marry Maker was born. 


Apart from being a wedding speaker, I also work as communication trainer and life coach. For almost 15 years, my professional experience has offered me the opportunity of working together with all kinds of different people. During this time, there has always been one skill that, from my point of view, always mattered most: the ability to deliver your ideas and your message across to people in the most effective and authentic way. 

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